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Approve Flow is a business solution application, designed to simplify the approval process and open up the lines of communication between clients, vendors and staff.

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Online solution for your business, creative and legal approvals.

What is Approve Flow?

Easy to use online application allows users to request approvals and track communication on their business, legal and creative documents, invoices and other tasks.

How it Works

Sign up for an account, create a approval, personalize your settings, select your participants, upload your file and let the approval process begin.

Open Communication

ApproveFlow makes the approval process a breeze for any workplace. Manage and organize everything from purchase order approvals to document uploading and storage.

Simplify your workplace with our easy to use application that lets you to automate the approval process online. And what’s best, IT’s FREE!

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    Affordable & Easy

    Try our free easy-to-use approval software or subscribe to one of our affordably priced plans as low as $19.95 per month. There are no software installation requirements and users do not need to be registered on the site to participate in the approval process.

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    Personalize your process

    Control how your approval process is handled and who participates at what level tier. The tools are there. You set the rules. And, ApproveFlow will follow.

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    Measure your progress

    Standardize your approval methods and maintain accountability for everyone involved in the project.

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    Open lines of communication

    Get approvals online for your invoices, projects, design comps, legal documents and more. Add and organize up to 100 users per tier to participate in the approval process and make people accountable by tracking communication in our easy-to-use system.

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    Improved customer service

    Get a better understanding of what your customers, colleagues or supervisors want as the project progresses by creating a consistent method of communication.

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    Work smarter

    Manage your approval process on your mobile phone with the new Droid and iPhone ApproveFlow app.

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Top Fitness Apps to Help You Achieve Your Goals This 2018

Fitness Apps

The smartphone is no doubt one of the best miracles modern science has given to people. Right now, when you have your smartphone in your hand with a good internet connection, everything in this world is pretty much at the tip of your fingers. Whether it is an iOS app or Android app, developers around the globe are constantly introducing new and creative app ideas to help users in changing their lifestyle and life as whole.

For example, consulting a dietician or going to the gym is no longer necessary just so you can stay fit and healthy and follow a good diet. The latest technological advancements now provide a long list of user-centric mobile apps to help you reach your goals.

If you want to burn calories, get 6 pack abs, or just experience weigh loss this 2018, below are some of the best fitness apps you can download to help you with your fitness training.

My Fitness Pal

Some people believe that 6 pack abs are made inside the kitchen, and that the main science behind weight loss is all about ensuring that what you put into your body is lesser than what you are using. My Fitness Pal is a type of free app which allows you to set your weight loss goals through calculating the nutritional value and calories of the food items in your grocery cart. You simply need to scan the packaging’s barcode or you can also come up with your own unique recipes.


HealthyOut is available for iOS and Android platforms alike. Through the use of this mobile app, it will be easier to find nearby restaurants and takeout joints. What is interesting about this app is that you can also choose restaurants according to your dietary needs and preferences. The app also provides a great feature where you can choose menus based on your strictest and carefully laid out eating plan.

Fitbit Coach

Although you can use the app even if you don’t have a Fitbit device, you have to pay a small subscription fee every month to make the most out of Fitbit Coach. This is a great choice if you prefer at home workout and you like to stay motivated by your very own personal fitness trainer. You are allowed to customize your workouts based on your specific fitness level, choose the coach you want to work with, come up with personalized workout plans according to your progress, goals, and feedback.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

The app can be used by both iOS and Android device owners. If you are being bothered by your excessive weight gain or weight loss, all you need to do is install the app. This will help you keep track of all the foods you eat. This way, you will be able to better understand the amount of calories you take in. Aside from that, the mobile app also has a very simple and intuitive user interface. However, a few features of the app are not free to use and you need to pay for them.


Everybody knows how important water is in one’s life. Proper and calculative water intake is very critical for maintaining fit and healthy body. What you could do with the use of this app is to take photos of the vessels from where you’re drinking. The app can come up with calculations on how much water you’re taking. Other than that, Waterlogged has a feature to give you reminders of keeping yourself hydrated with enough amounts of fluids in the body. Currently, Waterlogged is only available for iOS devices.

Couch to 5K Runner

If you want to get more exercise, incorporate more cardio in your life, and lose weight, yet you do not know where to get started, then this app is perfect for you. It includes an eight-week plan to ease you off the sofa and get some fresh air. The first week requires users to commit to three sessions that last for 15-20 minutes and starts you off with 1-minute jog and walking. Once you stick with this app, you will be running 5K before you even know it. The app is free of charge during the first week of the plan and you may consider upgrading to get a complete plan for an affordable rate. The only thing you need to get started is your favorite pair of sneakers.


For people who love to run or cycle, Strava is an ideal app to track your speed, elevation, route, and distance. It helps keep you motivated through recording route segments and comparing them against the previous efforts, giving you Personal Record trophies. You may also find local routes or race against some Strava users in local leaderboards.

Carbs Control

The developers came up with Carbs Control based on the concept of controlling intake of carbohydrates in the body. People who suffer from the diabetic issues may install this mobile app so that they could keep a good track of daily intake of carbohydrates and keep themselves maintained properly with healthy diet.

Gym Boss

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is considered as one of the ways to burn fat. The app is a handy timer that will help you make your own personalized alerts. Make customized timers for you HIIT, walking, running sessions or weights. This app is simple, which enables you to focus on all of your trainings without the need to watch the clock.


Unlike other apps that focus on physical well-being, this app is about one’s mental health. The significance of managing what goes in your brain cannot be understated. Headspace is a great app for those who are working on their well-being. This guides you through meditation and mindfulness exercises, which may go a long way to help with the conditions including anxiety and depression.

Aside from the mobile apps mentioned above, MyPlate Calories Tracker, Fitocracy Macros, Nutrients, Food Intolerances, Shopwell, and so on are just some of the different nutrition and diet maintaining mobile apps that will surely rule this year.

How To Do Instagram Influencer Marketing Right: A Six-Point Checklist

I’ve noticed over the years that there’s been a shift in where influencer marketing is executed. Now it’s all about Instagram, which seems to be a favorite among influencers.

The same study also found that the interaction rate is higher on Instagram than on any other social media channel. And in a survey conducted by Hashoff, 91.9% of 150,000 influencers chose Instagram as their number one platform.

If you’re going to execute an influencer marketing campaign, Instagram is the place to be. To help you optimize how you run your Instagram influencer marketing campaign, I’ve compiled a list of best practices that you can utilize.

1. Define Your Goal

I’ve come across a few businesses that have decided to launch an influencer marketing campaign on Instagram without any set goal in mind. Sure, they want to promote their business like every other brand. But that’s not enough for launching a marketing campaign. It’s crucial to define what success looks like to you, so you can easily measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

Do you want to gain more followers through the campaign? Or do you want to drive a certain amount of traffic to your website or landing page? Maybe you even want to increase your conversions and revenue.

Whatever the goal is, make sure you clearly define it so you can understand how to properly execute the campaign or make improvements when necessary.

2. Define Your Performance Metrics

Now that you have a set goal in place, you can define the key performance metrics with which you can measure the success of your campaign. Which metrics are relevant to your goal?

KPIs such as follow growth, social media impressions, engagement rate, reach, etc., would be crucial to a goal that involves raising brand awareness. And if your goal is to drive more revenues, you’ll be looking mainly at metrics such as click-through rate, conversion rate, total basket value, etc.

3. Look For Your Ideal Influencers

What kind of influencers will be able to help you achieve your goal? Before you look at the influencer’s following size, you need to first look at the most important aspect: relevance.

Ideally, you should be working with influencers who create content relevant to your industry. In some cases, however, the influencer’s niche may differ according to your campaign goal.

HP Australia partnered with fashion influencers on Instagram to promote their new HP Spectre laptop. Because the goal is to raise awareness about the product among a style-conscious and young audience, this is relevant.

In addition to relevance, the other vital factor to look at is engagement rate. An influencer with high engagement rate is a sign that the influencer is creating content that their audience loves to interact with. I really like tools such as Phlanx Influencer Engagement Calculator for measuring the average engagement rate of potential influencers.

And once you find your ideal influencers, make sure you build a genuine relationship with them. This is a crucial step in any influencer marketing campaign to generate high-quality leads. In the expert roundup I put together recently, experts like Mike Allton, Gini Dietrich, Heidi Cohen, etc., also stressed the importance of influencer relationships.

4. Execute Campaigns That Fit Your Goal

There are different types of influencer marketing campaigns you can execute on Instagram. If you’re looking for exposure, you can get influencers to create sponsored posts that feature your product or service. You can ask for a simple brand mention or a thorough review, though the latter would be a better option. This will help you educate and inform your target audience while winning their trust.

You can even get influencers to take over your Instagram account for a day. This works great because they’ll be able to draw in their followers to your account and help you gain new followers. Plus, they’ll be able to engage your current followers with new content from a fresh viewpoint.

The options are virtually endless. You just need to have a clear idea which of the campaigns would be best for accomplishing your goal.

5. Maintain Transparency

Instagram has made it easier for influencers and brands to maintain transparency with sponsored posts. Influencers will now be able to add a “Paid Partnership With …” tag in which they can tag your brand for the posts they create for you. So enable your influencers to make the most of this tag whenever relevant.

This will ensure that you comply with the FTC endorsement guideline and avoid paying heavy penalties in case of failure to disclose.

6. Track Your Results

It’s not enough that you execute your Instagram influencer marketing campaign. You should also ensure that the campaign is delivering results so you can tell whether or not your investments are paying off. If any adjustments or improvements are necessary for your campaign to deliver better results, you’ll also be able to understand.

Because ROI measurement is still the biggest influencer marketing challenge, this may prove to be a bit challenging. What I ‘d suggest is that you invest in an influencer marketing tool that can help you track your campaign performance and determine ROI more easily. Grin is an excellent option, and I’ve been using it to track metrics such as earned media value and engagement on all of the content I am creating.

These six steps are vital to your Instagram influencer marketing campaign. They can help you stay organized and successfully launch your campaign without any major setbacks. After measuring your ROI, it would be wise to see what’s working and what isn’t, then make necessary adjustments in your campaign accordingly.

How to Look Smart in Your Fitness Clothing

Just as you are putting so much consideration on your workout plan in the gym, you should also place priority on what to wear to the gym. Emphasis should be placed on fitness in order to help you deal with sweating, look smart and provide comfort.

These are the list of fitness wears that will make you look smart in your fitness clothing.

Show Your Legs

You can make your legs appear longer with sneakers or leggings. For the ladies, Sporting a pair of leggings with fitness tank top will make you look comfortable allowing you to perform any sort of workout without hindrance.

A Loose Shirt

A men’s fitness T-shirt which is loose enough is recommended for you to wear when hitting the gym. This will provide more room for mobility and air on your body. Cotton T-shirt is suitable for warmer periods while a fitness long sleeve is appropriate for winter periods. The T-shirt shouldn’t be oversized.


Shorts that are not widely loosed should be worn to the gym. They save you time as they are easy to wear. They provide you with comfort while you perform your workout routine.


Donning a dirty wear to the gym can spoil your looks. Ensure that you wash your fitness wears after a workout to get rid of sorts and odors.


There are a lot of things about the right footwear to wear in providing you with comfort and at the same time good looks. Trainers are the most chooses footwear for both sexes. Choose trainers that will allow rhyme with other wears. Go for good quality footwear as they are highly durable, less expose your foot to injury, allows mobility and assists you to work out easily.

Yoga Pant

Yoga pants make the yoga training session easier. Yoga pants are well suited for bringing you comfort and mobility stretching, bending and other movements involved with yoga. Yoga pants are elegant, comforting and stylish to wear.

These are the tips that would help you with dressing in an attractive fashion when hitting the gym. They do not only enhance your looks but makes working out easier for you.

Hooch: your perfect guide to all bars

When you are on a trip the first thing you would like to know is the list of the top bars, so you can get drunk and wasted at night. We know that finding good bars is hard because we are busy exploring the area and so every night end up in any bar that is the nearest.

Hooch is not going to change the game. It is a recently developed application that is going to make things fun and exciting for all the travelers. Here is how you can enjoy every sip of the drink you buy in the new state.

Discover best bars

It all starts with discovering the best bars. Hooch has the information of all the best bars that are selected by the professionals. The bars are tested, and every drink is enjoyed by the experts before the information is added to Hooch. That is why it is reliable, and the application will never lead you to a bar that you would not like.

Get a free drink every day

The biggest attraction of hooch is that you will get a free drink every day.

  • Despite the location or the bar application will surprise you with a free drink

  • If you are on a tight budget do not worry because your last drink will be on the application

  • The rate of the drink does not matter

Keep the party going

You will be amazed to know that every night will be the party night. You can easily locate the bar and reach there in limited time. There would be nothing to worry about wasting your time of being in a cab looking for bars. Just look at the huge list of bars available and pick the one that appeals to you the most.

Discount of drinks

There is not only the surprise of free drinks because with Hooch you can get some amazing discounts. When you are on a vacation it is hard to maintain the budget and drinks every night means that your wallet has to remain full all the time which is often not possible. There are special selected bars and drinks where you can get exciting discounts.

Worldwide guide available

There is no doubt that Hooch is the Best Bar App. Apart from the Discounts on Drinks, you will get the chance to find the bars worldwide. There are no specified locations or cities that are popular. The application works in every state and country.

Hooch your drink now

So stop wasting your time in looking for bars and download hooch on your smart device. the moment you sign in and add your location you will get the list of all the amazing bars that are accessible in your location if you are lucky enough you might get the details on the best drinks and the ones that you should buy this time.

The biggest attraction of Hooch is that it is a highly secured platform. Your information or location will not be shared with any third party. Now you can have some fun in the new state with the free application. Hooch is updated on regular basis to assure that hackers will not get the access to the application or try some funny business. So enjoy your trip and drinks.

5 Factors that make you choose an App

5 Factors that make you choose an App

Whenever we talk something about the mobile apps, it has always been from the users’ perspective. This time we are going to make it look a bit different. This article will prove to be insightful for both app developers and users. Apps are something that all of us depend on, on a day to day basis. A lot of us have been inquisitive about what makes a person download an app. So here we are trying to explore that and give 5 reasons for why you choose to use an app.

5 Factors that make you choose an App

The general cases:

In general circumstances, there are two major situations in which a person opens the play store, one when the person desperately wants an AI to take care of one of his tasks or a friend of his uses that apps and finds that pretty useful. So as a developer, you must develop something that people on a large scale use already so that they will find your app as a great alternative or you must develop something that nobody ever thought that an AI would be able to do. In either of the above cases, your app will have a great following.

Great user interface:

When the app has a user-friendly interface, then it is quite obvious that people always love to have your app pinned to the home screen. Yes, it isn’t a great deal to develop an app with a friendly interface. All you have to do is to make it look simple. But the challenging part is that when you are trying to convince the millions of users that it is user-friendly. What I consider friendly might sound alien to another.


The performance of the app matters a lot. The moment I say the word performance it is always directly proportional to the speed in which the app functions. The higher the speed is, the better the reviews are. Thereby the first thing that app developers should focus on is the quality and the performance of the app.

When a bug doesn’t bug:

Bugs are one main reason why people uninstall the apps. It is not about the initial number of downloads you score. What matters is the number of people who continue to use your app in the long run. Yes, a bug is a common issue, but it is the responsibility of the developer to fix the bug then and there before people can uninstall it. So when an app is free of bugs, people choose it over other apps.


Though every app has its own task to accomplish, some apps work way beyond what is expected out of them. It is like a gift that the user gets to enjoy. This is when the word-of-mouth endorsement happens. There are a lot of apps in the play store that performs the desired task alone. So if an app does something in addition that is when it ranks better.

World Without Apps Is Nothing But Catastrophe

In the mid-2017, Apple came up with a video that explained how crucial life would become if we had to exist without apps. They didn’t stop there. They also said that that is one situation that they would call an apocalypse. The video was telecasted only to grab the attention of the public towards the iPhone products. Here we are going to see how the world would be if our smartphone really lost all the apps. Also here we are going to see the major reasons as to why we cannot live without apps.

A world without smartphones if fine:

Given a chance, I would rather choose a world without smartphone over the case of smartphones without apps. This is because your smartphones are nothing more than a piece of trash if there aren’t any fun apps. Of course, it is important to have a bit of fun with your apps but at the same time mobile phones today are the biggest asset that we carry regularly, and this none of us can deny this fact.

Yes, it is difficult:

Even a lot of people who stated that the Apple’s idea of ‘the apocalypse and the world without apps’ is weird, would agree to the fact that apps are very much important to exist in the world today. Our lives are very much associated with mobile phones and main reasons why it happens so, is because of the presence of certain apps in the app store. We make our lives easy by making use of these apps. A smartphone without apps is equal to a beautiful kitchen without ingredients to cook.


The commercial is true in a way:

The Apple commercial that spoke about the destruction of the world and the chaos that abolition of apps can create caused a ruckus in social media. But I would like to contradict here. Today we have become so much dependent on apps that if they were destroyed the world might even end up that way. We almost forgot every single destination, and we always rely on Google maps. This is the reason as to why we stated that the commercial is true in a way.

Apps are versatile:

All we need in the world is a play store and we are good to go anywhere and everywhere. Apps take your back anytime, be it accomplishing a task or curing your boredom. Today apps carry out a lot of tasks even without us noticing any of that. They have become so much automated and customised according to the need and comfort of the user.

Apps are the peak-point of technology:

Apps today are the peak-point of technology. Imagining a world without apps is quite similar to imagining a world without technology. It is because of the growth that technology has seen we get to have so many apps in the world. If it were not for the technology, we wouldn’t have had all these apps. So a world without apps is totally impossible. Read More

Random Facts About Mobile Apps That Will Amaze You!

Mobile apps are very much versatile, and they take our back all the time. A lot of the tasks that are performed by these mobile apps are quite hard to comprehend and are quite amazing. So here we are trying to tell you some of the random facts about mobile apps that might probably make your jaws drop. So with no further delay let us get to the facts’ list.

A hundred million apps in one go:

We know that a lot of apps kill our boredom, but we didn’t know how far it can go and how much it can impact us. It was recorded that in the year 2015, about a hundred million apps were downloaded from the play store during the summer season alone. A lot of gaming apps are introduced only during the vacation season, and for the same reason, we see all these apps being downloaded in one go.


It’s Android that steals the show:

In case if you are wondering which platform out of the three major operating systems has the most number of apps, then we answer that query. It is the android that takes the lead. Android has more than a million apps in its store, and people only do not know how to use all of it. It superseded all other operating systems and had taken the place quite for itself when it comes to apps and their quality as well.

America takes the first places:

We know it is all about apps, but what it has got to do with America? Yes, in a recent study it was analysed and found that the app development rate is the highest in America and the lowest rate seems to be in the south Asian regions. Kicking aside the app store and taking into account only Android, America seems to outwit the whole world in the Android race.

Now it’s India’s time:

We have already taken a dig at this country by saying that Android sees the slowest development here and now we are going to right the wrong. As far as WhatsApp is concerned, India is said to have the largest number of users. It is expected that more than 70 million users are found in India.

A billion downloads:

In case if you are wondering many people would be roughly using your most favourite app, chances are there that there might be about a billion users along with it. Yes, you read it right. It is believed that most of the popular and most downloaded apps pass a billion mark and most of the best apps are downloaded a billion times here. So next time you are scrolling through some of the best apps in the play store look for the counting.