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Latest Updates From Our Blog

New Jersey as the Silicon Valley of Marijuana

nj marijuana dispensary
nj marijuana dispensary

In any industry, when a place is called the “Silicon Valley” it is usually a lofty praise that will ultimately disappoint. However, this may not be the case of New Jersey which is being called the Silicon Valley of Marijuana.

Many industry experts are referring to New Jersey as the Silicon Valley for cannabis. Everyone is appreciating the major expansion of the medical marijuana program of the state and offering support for its legalization of recreational cannabis in the near future.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the CEO of 1906 Edibles Peter Barsoom stated that New Jersey has the potential to be the Silicon Valley of the cannabis business.

Why New Jersey?

There are several reasons why New Jersey is being called the Silicon Valley of marijuana. Following are some of the top reasons:

Unique Demographic

The unique demographic of New Jersey has certain advantages of over any other west coast state that has already legalized cannabis. Since it is located simply throughout from New York, New Jersey is far more high functioning and prosperous. With the legalization of cannabis, the state will become the hub of marijuana industry in the country.

Potential for Scientific Analysis

nj marijuana dispensary

New Jersey is home to some of the most prestigious analysis amenities and universities in the country. Because of this, the potential for scientific analysis and tutorial on the topic will be great if marijuana is legalized in the state. New Jersey has the potential to become a hub for marijuana know-how and analysis.

It’s a New Marketplace for Marijuana

New Jersey is completely different from other states in a way that marijuana is new to them. Other states have had a cannabis marketplace for years as the cannabis for medical use was legalized years ago. In contrast, New Jersey is a new marketplace for marijuana and presents new opportunities and potential for businesses such as NJ marijuana dispensary, cannabis edibles businesses, etc.

Cannabis Legalization in NJ Will Be a Boost for the Cannabis Industry

New Jersey is located near Pennsylvania and New York, two states that have relatively limited medical cannabis programs. If the recreational marijuana is legalized in New Jersey before New York, the cannabis industry will see a huge boost as a lot of consumers, producers, and entrepreneurs alike will flood their neighboring state to buy legal cannabis.

A Prime Location for Medical Marijuana Advancement

nj marijuana dispensary

Another reason New Jersey is loved by the experts in the marijuana industry is that the state is home to several biotech and pharmaceutical companies, as well as many medical research facilities. These key companies and facilities make NJ a prime location for the medical marijuana advancement.

So, if you are looking for great opportunities for a NJ marijuana dispensary or your cannabis edibles business, perhaps New Jersey is actually the place to be.

Are the Benefits Unique to New Jersey?

New Jersey is unique in a way that other states have cannabis market with legacy stoner culture and they had to struggle to overcome it. California for example, had an uneven gray market for many years and they have struggled to transition from that to a regulated marijuana market. New Jersey on the other hand, has no strong ‘stoner culture’. Instead, it has an insignificant current market so there are many opportunities to start from scratch. The potential for cannabis edibles industry growth in NJ is great.

The Potential for Cannabis Industry Growth in New Jersey

The potential for marijuana growth in NJ is great. According to a 2018 estimate, if marijuana is legalized in the state, it would create a new $850 million industry for NJ. The industry is expected to produce thousands of direct jobs in the state – NJ marijuana dispensary workers, processors, and growers – and an equal number of secondary jobs, including home-delivery couriers, technology and software consultants, compliance experts, real estate professionals, security personnel, community-relationship managers, lobbyists, lawyers, chefs, and accountants.

The Bottom Line

Legalization is tough as the laws vary from one state to another. But that hasn’t stopped cannabis business owners and entrepreneurs across the country to dive into the cannabis market. There are many things a cannabis company has to take into account when looking to establish in a new state like NJ. And as the legalization spreads, established marijuana companies in states where marijuana is legalized are looking to expand – particularly to New Jersey and the rest of the East Coast, which is expected to legalize cannabis in the near future.

Investors Eye New Jersey Marijuana Businesses

nj marijuana dispensary
nj marijuana dispensary

Marijuana is a substance that is still illegal in New Jersey under the federal law, which means that federally insured, large banks don’t handle cannabis transactions. This may seem discouraging to investors who are looking to invest in NJ marijuana companies and businesses. Even though the cannabis industry presents a $75 billion investment opportunity to investors, cannabis investment is not for the sensitive of wallets or weak of heart. The investment opportunities in the state are ideal for pioneers and thrill-seekers. Investing in NJ marijuana dispensary or other similar cannabis business is basically a gold rush which will yield a lot of profits, but not everyone who invests is going to win.

Investors Eye NJ Marijuana Businesses

New Jersey is a prime location for the advancement of the cannabis marketplace. Gov. Phil Murphy is one of the key supporters of adult-use marijuana legalization in New Jersey. He estimates that the cannabis market could reach $1.2 billion. Because of this projection of the industry, lobbyists for legal marijuana in the state are encouraging investors to commit their money to ancillary and real estate industries like greenhouses that would serve the cannabis industry greatly.

Marijuana Business Largely Cash-Only

The projections by analysts regarding the success of the marijuana industry haven’t always met reality. Murphy is projecting $300 million a year in NJ tax revenue from cannabis, which assumes $1.2 billion in sales at a 25% tax rate. Brach Eichler, a Roseland law firm, projected about $1 billion a year in tax revenue to NJ from legal marijuana sales – which would be way ahead of the combined tax windfalls to Washington and Colorado, the first two states to legalize adult use of cannabis.

Because of the federal banking laws, all of the money that is flowing into the cannabis industry still largely uses cash. Any bank that is chartered by the federal government cannot handle money from cannabis businesses and such businesses usually operate with cash payments. John Chiang, California Treasurer, has proposed a state-run bank that could serve the ever-expanding cannabis industry. This idea is widely supported in New Jersey.

Want to Invest in NJ Cannabis Businesses? It Won’t Be Easy

nj marijuana dispensary

New Jersey is primed to be among the top places for a growing marijuana marketplace as it is on the cusp of legalizing marijuana. With less than a quarter of the 350 licenses required to ensure that the new cannabis market of the state doesn’t fall flat and about 80 licenses to divvy up, NJ has the potential to become one of the toughest regulators in the country.

If you are looking to invest in marijuana companies or establish NJ marijuana dispensary, you will be required to submit ‘merit-based application’. The story is a bit different in Colorado and Oregon, where municipal approval all but guarantees that an investor or retailer will receive a state license to sell marijuana. In NJ, applications will be scored on their:
• Real estate location, including a signed notice, lease, or deed from a town that indicates marijuana sales will be permitted.
• Business history, giving applicants an opportunity to show regulators what makes their team different.
• Security plan, including cameras as well as areas where marijuana will be securely stored.
• Operations plan, where the experience of the applicant in the cannabis industry – especially in other states – will play a role.

And it’s a one-strike rule which means there is no margin for error. One mistake – a DUI arrest by any team member applying for the license or a bad loan – spells doom for an application, on the basis of his experience in other states that have legalized marijuana.

The Bottom Line

nj marijuana dispensary

The market for investors looking to establish NJ marijuana dispensary or investing in other marijuana companies may seem quite challenging. However, the cutthroat nature of the cannabis industry has done little to discourage investors from looking into the marijuana industry as the next big thing.

Clearing a location is one of the most obvious hurdles for investors in NJ. An application with a commitment from a marijuana-friendly state has a higher chance to get a license as opposed to a similar application in a state that hasn’t taken a stance on the issue. New Jersey would join several states soon to legalize adult use marijuana, opening its doors to investors and entrepreneurs who live within a day’s drive of legal marijuana. It will present many opportunities for investors, marijuana companies, and producers alike by becoming the 10th state to legalize recreational cannabis.

PillPack Accused of Illicitly Obtaining Patient Data

Rx Apps

As per a recent report published in The Wall Street Journal, PillPack, the online pharmacy of Amazon is accused of releasing patient data to third parties.

Surescripts, a company that offers tech to route prescriptions, filed a complaint against PillPack for indiscretion; they revealed this information via a news release.

Amazon has recently entered into the healthcare sector, and it is serving a wide range of customers all over the world. PillPack is popular for offering multiple medications to the customers that are labeled and separated as per time and date. Hence, patients need not worry about remembering dosage and days for their medications; PillPack simplifies the treatment process up to a great extent with special rx discount.

Note that, PillPack makes use of third-party software vendor named as ReMy Health to collect essential medication histories from potential customers. The issue over unauthorized access to patient data is raised by Surescript, and they have referred the case to the Fedeal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

It is worth to know that prescription drug market at present has reached the value of $424 billion. There are many well-established companies that act as gatekeepers to this medical health industry with Rx apps. Hence, newcomers rarely find a way to enter into the competition or to avail access to the essential information from this extensive network.

Hospitals and doctors keep on buying patient data from Surescripts with rx discount. This company is owned by the Express Scripts, CVS Health, National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) and National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS). They are big names in the list of biggest RX benefit holders in the country. Currently, they are serving more than 175 million people with their health care facilities online. It is worth mentioning that consortium also manages a large mail order pharmacy.

Evercore ISI Analyst, Michael Newshel recently revealed that the major competition in the market is due to Amazon trying to enter this industry. The true fact is that the existing big giants don’t want to make it so easy for a newcomer.

Reports reveal that access to Surescript data from PillPack is paramount due to the nature of the business. In order to serve customers with higher accuracy and reliable medicines alternatives; PillPack not just need partial rather full access to prescription information and RX Apps. Such details are important to ensure that the company provides the most suitable medications to the patients; the combinations should not interact in their body to cause some side effect.

Jacquelyn Miller, PillPack Spokeswoman recently said that the main question in this war is that whether Surescripts will provide access to medication history of the customers or not; if they are not interested in doing so, it is important to give a solid reason for that.

Medications purchase composition with two hands buyer and seller in flat style vector illustration

On the other side, Surescript says that they have never allowed any access to patient data to PillPack. The Surescript CEO also mentioned that they had not signed any agreement with PillPack for offering any kind of medical history on RX Apps.

In the meanwhile, ReMy said that probably the company’s decision for this war is financially motivated and they are doing so as a part of rx discount market strategy.


nj marijuana dispensary
cannabis edibles

While the growth of the U.S. marijuana market owes fundamentally to consumer demand, the use of technology in spreading access to it also plays a key part in its success. Entrepreneurs have developed innovative ways of crafting and distributing cannabis products such as cannabis edibles, vapes, etc. by incorporating technology to its processes. With New Jersey on the cusp of legalizing marijuana, the state has the potential to attract many marijuana tech companies.

The State of Tech and Marijuana

Given the great market potential of marijuana and cannabis edibles, it’s not surprising to learn that tech companies have already infiltrated the marijuana industry. Marijuana is popular enough that dispensaries like NJ marijuana dispensary now operate authentic businesses using tools that are quite similar to the ones you would find in more traditional companies.

For instance, Flowhub is an innovative system that allows dealers to sell cannabis in compliance with legal standards. The system also offers a dedicated enterprise resource planning function facilitating both customer relationship and inventory management. Applications such as Baker and Reefer provide dispensaries like NJ marijuana dispensary with loyalty rewards programs. Cannatech companies use automation tech and AI to grow marijuana.

If marijuana is legalized in New Jersey, you can surely expect to see NJ cannabis market become a hotbed for technological innovations. The number of marijuana tech companies in New Jersey will certainly increase as entrepreneurs become comfortable investing around marijuana. Tech will revolutionize the cannabis ecosystem for consumers, distributors, and producers alike.

Many Tech Firms Are Eager to Come to New Jersey

cannabis edibles

Although it is very clear that Cannatech companies like Grownetics – that use AI and automation technology to grow cannabis – are eager to come to New Jersey, it will probably take some time before they actually establish themselves in the state. The main reason behind it is of course the wait for the cannabis legalization that will expand the availability of medical marijuana and legalize the adult recreational marijuana use. Once such companies establish in NJ, cannabis edibles growers can expect reduced operational costs, lower energy use, and improved security, making a healthy, more profitable NJ cannabis market.

Although Cannatech companies may not be willing to enter the NJ cannabis market yet, there are some enterprises that aren’t waiting for the cannabis legalization in the state to start their marijuana-related business activities. Applied Cannabis Sciences of New Jersey is one such company. Based on Woodland Park, ACS has recently made a deal with a Canadian-based investment firm.

Earlier this year, Applied Cannabis Sciences of New Jersey announced that it would file an application with the state’s department of health to establish and operate marijuana businesses. Apart from ACS, there are many other tech firms that are eager to enter the New Jersey’s cannabis market and it’s only a matter of time before every NJ marijuana dispensary is equipped with innovative tech, making New Jersey’s marijuana market an attractive one for consumers.

The Future of Marijuana Innovation

cannabis edibles

Innovation has started to outpace marijuana legalization as tech companies make groundbreaking studies in developing applications for cannabis. For instance, Kalytera is studying how CBD could be used to target diseases such as osteoporosis and obesity. The findings of such studies could revolutionize how people deal with chronic pain and illness.

Tech firms are also experimenting with improvements in cannabis-growing processes. Marijuana is a picky crop, so the ability to improve the growing process could generate far superior products. Apart from this, several tech companies are devising energy-efficient, smart systems that automatically adjust the cannabis growth environments according to changes in sunlight, temperature, and moisture. In the meantime, data-capture technologies allow growers to find the best conditions for their plants, leading to better-quality and larger yields.

Technology will play a great role in ensuring efficiency, consistency, and quality on the production side. Several startups like Teewinoit Life Sciences are already focusing on offering a scientific, tech-enabled approach to mass scientific distribution and production of marijuana.

The Bottom Line

cannabis edibles

As the marijuana industry expands, the opportunity for growth are extensive and diverse. Tech companies will certainly spur that growth, revolutionizing customer experiences, crop development, and medicine. The drive created by marijuana legalization will transform a once-forbidden drug into a mainstream product, and the tech world will benefit from it greatly.

However, the success of tech implementation in the cannabis industry relies heavily on cannabis legalization in more states. New Jersey is likely to be the next state to legalize adult-use cannabis and hence holds the potential to attract numerous marijuana tech companies in the future.

New Jersey Marijuana

cannabis edibles

Marijuana industry is expanding at a rapid rate and more and more states in the U.S. are legalizing cannabis. New Jersey is likely to be the next state to legalize adult-use marijuana as it has been gaining a lot of favor from cannabis experts, producers, entrepreneurs, as well as consumers. However, there are many hurdles in the way to cannabis legalization in this state. That being said, if you are looking to possess or sale marijuana in New Jersey, then there are some things you must know first. This guide will help you.

nj marijuana dispensary

State of Marijuana Legalization in NJ

Marijuana manufacture, sale, and possession are regulated by both federal and state law. Marijuana is classified as a Schedule I substance, so there is no generally recognized medical value and there is a high potential for abuse. However, despite that, the state does allow medical cannabis use under certain conditions. Apart from this, it is also a crime to drive under the influence of cannabis in the state.

Purchasing Cannabis in New Jersey

There are several medical cannabis dispensaries in New Jersey. Each licensed NJ marijuana dispensary is authorized to sell medical marijuana to licensed patients. In fact, these dispensaries have been open to qualified patients in the state since 2012. If you are a licensed patient, you can purchase medical cannabis edibles and other similar products from a licensed NJ marijuana dispensary. There are six such dispensaries in New Jersey and the number of these dispensaries have said to be doubled with the expansion of medical marijuana program.

Medical Cannabis Prescription

If you have a qualifying condition, then you can contact a licensed physician in the state for a medial cannabis prescription. Once approved, you can possess two ounces of marijuana per month. However, keep in mind that all medical cannabis must be purchased from a licensed NJ marijuana dispensary – home cultivation is not allowed.

Cost of Medical Cannabis in New Jersey

New Jersey has some of the most expensive medical cannabis in the country. The cost of cannabis edibles varies depending on the quality and strain, however the average price for one ounce of marijuana is about $490 as the price ranges from $425 to $520. This does not include the 7% state sales tax.

Types of Cannabis Sold in Stores in NJ

nj marijuana dispensary

In order to visit the medical cannabis dispensary in NJ, you will need an appointment. A number of flower strains ranging from Sativa to Indica and everything in between is available in medical marijuana dispensaries. Each marijuana strain can have different effects so it is recommended that you make sure to ask the budtender for assistance in choosing the best strain. Indica is known for its full body sedative effects and highs, while strong Sativa is known for its general energizing, uplifting, and head high effects.

Other types of marijuana products are also available in medical marijuana dispensaries in New Jersey, these include:
• Cannabis Topicals: Massage oils, lotions, creams, etc. infused with cannabis. These products won’t get you high as they are not psychoactive.
• Cannabis Edibles: Cannabis infused foods, drinks, candies, etc. Edibles can be very potent; however, the potency varies from one product to another. It is recommended that you check the serving size before buying and keep in mind that the effects can take relatively long time to hit you when you consume edibles.
• Cannabis Concentrates: Essential oils of the marijuana plant. Concentrates are usually very potent.

Penalties for Cannabis Possession in NJ

Cannabis possessions has not been decriminalized in NJ. It is a crime to intentionally or knowingly possess cannabis (including small amounts for personal use) in the state. Penalties vary depending on the amount of cannabis possessed.

Possession of 50 grams or less of cannabis and/or use or possession of paraphernalia for a non-cannabis medical patient is disorderly person charge by up to $1000 maximum fine and/or 6 months in prison. More than 50 grams of cannabis possession is a crime punishable by up to $25,000 fine and/or 1.5 years in prison.

Timetable for Possible Cannabis Legalization in NJ

Cannabis legalization in New Jersey has met serious roadblocks over the years. Just a few months ago, with supportive governor backing the legalization of adult-use cannabis, marijuana legalization had seemed all but certain in New Jersey. Then in the span of just a few days in the previous months, the state saw its efforts fall apart. Officials and supporters of cannabis legalization in the state are optimistic, however they refuse to provide a timetable for possible legalization.

Best CBD Mobile Apps

CBD Mobile Apps

Are you in the search of the magical cannabis mobile apps? We are here to inform you what are the best CBD mobile Apps? CBD edibles or marijuana have now become legal somehow and with the increase in technology, cannabis technology is also everywhere. That is why a lot of Apps are being introduced to make advancements in this field and to make people’s work easier. There are a lot of people who wish to know about CBD and want to learn about their benefits. We think this is indeed a great advancement.

What are the benefits of using CBD Mobile Apps?

Before discussing what the best cannabis are mobile apps, the benefits of using cannabis mobile apps are important to discuss. Let us discuss, what are the best cannabis mobile apps, for discussing CBD edibles and much more?

• There are a lot of communities, where the people wish to reconnect the CBD with the other. They are willing to share all the essential information with others.

• People who are interested to learn about the basic information of the CBD and its interesting information, using such apps will be beneficial a lot

• For giving the right information and to remove the confusions of the people about marijuana, CBD, hemp, and THC, such App is a great wonder

What are the best CBD Mobile Apps?

Let’s move forward with our discussion about the best CBD Mobile Apps that will discuss all CBD edibles and every information that a CBD investor may need.

Releaf App

This app is just perfect for cannabis treatment and tracking. This app is used to directly take the medical session live. This App will track the specific symptoms and will record all the medical sessions that will be involved in a particular session. This App has a document that will show you how cannabis can help you in daily life. Through using this App symptoms level, the feeling of the person and the degree of the specific type of cannabis that is to help you out can be easily detected.

At this App, all the consideration of the intake methods will be discussed. This App includes intelligent reporting that will guide the people about the intake methods, symptoms and overall benefits. This App will guide the user on how the symptoms can be reduced to an extent.

Leafly App

This App is just perfect for Yelp for weed. If you are willing to be informed about particular cannabis news, this app is just perfect for you. This App contains the database of the cannabis strain that is helpful to inform you about all basic information. This is an IOS based app that will help you out to predict how you feel and which are the symptoms you are going to face.

This App can be a great guide and can guide you either it will be better to pair with the wine or not. This app has a database for the ease of the user where the user can search even by writing the price. You can get a complete guide with the user reviews. This app is easy to use and has amazing features to amaze the users. Its menu items and store type menus are for the ease of users, especially for the cannabis investors.

CBD Mobile Apps

Massroots App

Do you wish to get health information and all the basic information about cannabis? This App is at the top regarding this. This App is helpful to know the positive effects of cannabis on your life insurance policy. This App is the best way to make familiar about all basic information about cannabis. Don’t miss the chance to connect yourself with others in the cannabis industry. This App has one million registered users and all of them are satisfied with the information that this app provides.

Here, you can find hemp; marijuana and CBD related photos and videos to find out your favorite type of marijuana. People are independent to choose their favorite marijuana dispensaries using this app. This App is available for both android and IOS. Don’t miss the chance to get all the latest and trendy news about marijuana using this App.

Right here, App

Are you facing any difficulty in passing the drug test? This App is just perfect to use. The interface of this app is quietly similar to Tinder where you can find the people to smoke out in your area. You need to tell your mood and energy preferences to this app. This App will guide you either to swipe left or right to find out the people whose symptoms are exactly matched to you. This App is available for both android and IOS users to amaze them through their outclass features.

Weed Scale 4.20

In most of the android phones, this app will have a built-in weed scale. This App is not available for the IOS users because Apple is not in the favor to make such apps that are used for weighing. Android developers are so proud after making this app as this app will allow preventing you if you are going to be cheated through any supplier. This is the most amazing feature we think. Anyone who is a light smoker and had no bad experience in the past, this App can make his life adventurous.

Conclusion: Why using CBD mobile apps is essential?

Such cannabis mobile apps have valid and informative data for people. Using such apps will give you a chance to know everything about the best CBD oil available. Don’t miss the chance to use these wonderful and amazing Apps that contain almost every information to help you know about the basics of CBD. Such Apps can help investors to start up their CBD business. If you are willing to know the medical properties of CBD, no opportunity will be better than using these Apps. In our opinion, this is the most efficient and quickest way of getting all the essential information.

Best Home Furniture Apps

Decorating your home is a fun and exciting process but it can also be a daunting task. It can be a challenge to imagine your furniture in the empty space. Fortunately, several furniture placement apps exist that can help you visualize and plan your new interiors.

Following are the best home furniture apps:

  • Amikasa

Amikasa is one of the most popular room design apps available on app store. The app has won a Webby Award for its user-friendly interface and wide variety of décor from popular brands. Using this app, you can visualize furniture placement in your room, design your room from a bird’s eye view, as well as use the walk-through mode to see how it would look in person.

  • IKEA Place

IKEA Place is a new virtual reality app that closes the gap between reality and imagination to allow you to confidently experiment, experience, and share how good design may be able to change your specific space. This furniture placement app allows you to digitally ‘place’ furniture and other decorations in your room. From tables and rugs, to lamps and sofas, IKEA Place lets you visualize home products that are true-to-scale and 3D so you can make sure that they are just the right size, functionality, and design for your room.

  • Wayfair

Wayfair app is a recommended choice for you if you want to picture your new furniture how it would look in your room so you can actually ‘see’ the product before committing. The Wayfair app now features AR so you can see virtual 3D décor and furniture in your home at full-scale before you purchase. With Virtual Reality superbly integrated into the shopping experience, the app gives you the opportunity to find, visualize, and buy home furniture and furnishings easily.

  • Room Planner

Room Planner is a free furniture app that provides various design themes to help you visualize your dream home. Apart from the provided designs, you can also add your own décor from IKEA or other popular brands. The app lets you experience your room from various angles as well as share your vision with your roommates.

  • Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D is another great furniture placement app that is recommended for you if attention to detail is your passion. This versatile app allows you to create lifelike rooms and use various features to visualize furniture placements. The app also offers online 3D printing.

  • Room Creator

Room Creator is a great free furniture app that is packed with unique and amazing features. Enter room dimensions, add a variety of décor and furniture, choose wall color, design a floor pattern, and more. The app offers easy navigation and user-friendly operations, making it an excellent choice for no-fuss designing.

  • Rooms

Play with virtual furniture, décor, and layouts with this easy furniture placement app. Customize your interior by changing flooring and paint colors, flipping the placement of furniture, and altering the scale of items. You can also recreate your floor plan by entering dimensions. Although Rooms is a free furniture app, you will need to upgrade to the paid version if you want to save your designed rooms.

Apps That Help You Save on Prescriptions

Prescription App

Medical apps come in all sizes and types. However, the best apps are those that allow you to save on your prescription medications. Prescription apps can give you detailed information regarding the generic names of a medication in addition to telling you which store near you has it for the most reasonable price. With a variety of these apps, you can make sure that you save a lot on your prescription medications.

Following are some of the best apps that will prove to be highly useful to you, especially if you are looking to save on medication. These apps are ideal for individuals who want to cut expenses on prescription treatments. Most of these apps are free but some also have an option for a paid upgrade so you can enjoy more features.

Prescription Savings

Drug prices differ from one store to another. With GoodRX, you can search for numerous approved drugs and find the pharmacies in your area that offer the lowest price for your specific medication. Furthermore, you can also look for coupons e.g. discount prescription card to apply to your recurrent prescriptions. You can either receive them on your phone via text or email or print them out. So, the app is ideal for individuals looking for RX discount. GoodRX updates prices on regular basis to ensure that you get the best possible savings every time you need to get your prescription filled.

GoodRX can even list generic medications that are offered at very cheap prices at certain pharmacies. It is a recommended app for you if you are looking for a generic brand and want to save as much as possible on your medications.

Prescription Save

WeRX is another prescription app that is quite similar to GoodRX. The app has a user-friendly interface and it allows you to search for all the medications you are interested in. By using this app, you can learn where the medications you want to buy are located as well as which store offers the best RX discount. For some drugs, you can even search for four-dollar generic prescriptions via this app. Apart from your local area, you can even search for other specific areas for pharmacies as well as pricing by inputting the relevant zip code.

WeRX provides useful tips on more than just price comparisons and discount prescription cards. You can use this app to learn about the saving clubs or memberships that can be helpful in the long-run. The app has a vast selection of pharmacies to offer up to you instead of just the larger pharmacies such as Walmart or CVS.

ScriptSave is one of the most popular apps that can help you save on your medications. It is a free app that allows you to stay up-to-date with medications as well as their prices. You can search for savings and discounts either by a specific store or by drug. Furthermore, you can track and monitor the price of your medications as well to check whether there are any changes in price.

Another great feature of ScriptSave is that it allows you to create a medication list with notes and reminders about each one. This can prove to be very helpful when you visit the doctor’s office. Apart from this, you can also monitor and track your mood when writing notes with your medication. In this way, you can document the period of time where a certain prescription has caused issues. You can then use that information to consult with your doctor to find an alternative medication.

Prescription Cash

Getting all the medication you need can be quite expensive even if you have insurance discounts. OneRX is a prescription app that aims to provide savings that you can either work alone or along with your medical insurance plan. The app is highly beneficial and has been steadily gaining popularity. OneRX will take your medical insurance information in the form of text or photos and use it to calculate your baseline savings from insurance. After that, the app will then find any discount prescriptions cards, RX discounts, or coupons for the medications you are looking for and combines them with your insurance savings at the pharmacy in your area. If you don’t have insurance, then OneRX will ask you to provide some information which it can use to calculate what offers are available for you without insurance. It will then find any coupons and discounts to help you potentially cut down on expenses.

Best Real Estate Apps

Real Estate Apps

Thanks to the numerous great apps, your phone can do it all nowadays. In fact, you can use your phone to find the home of your dreams in just a few swipes and taps. If you are a real estate hobbyist or an aspiring buyer, then real estate apps are recommended for you. You can use such apps to perform home search on the go.

Following are some of the best real estate apps:


Zillow is a powerful real estate mobile app that helps you search for your dream home with various custom search filters as well as lets you search for foreclosures. If you have kids or planning on having kids in your new home, this app can help you as it has detailed information on nearby private and public schools and you can also search for homes based on the quality of school so you know your new house is going to be within the boundaries of the district. Zillow app also allows you to search for rentals.


Trulia is another great real estate mobile app that you can use to take video tours of homes you are interested in as well as explore the areas around them. This app allows you to see local amenities, schools, and crime rates in the area. Furthermore, you can search homes by location as well as certain preferences like price, number of bedrooms, etc. If you want to search for apartment and home rentals, then you will need to use a separate Trulia app which is available for smartphones.


Just like many other real estate apps, Redfin uses an MLS (multiple listing service) that allows you to search through numerous homes via a single resource. You can use filters to draw your customize your search area and search for homes in your desired neighborhoods, schedule home tours, search by school, search nearby amenities, etc. all via the Redfin app. It is surely one of the best real estate apps.


Just like many other real estate apps, you can use Homesnap to search for homes by area as well as other custom filters and search preferences. Apart from this, there is one particular feature of Homesnap that you will surely like – you can learn more about a home you have seen in person simply by taking a photo of it via this real estate mobile app. Some homes on this app may even have interior photos which you can view before going to an open house or setting up a viewing, so you can see if you are still interested. real estate mobile app allows you to search homes by area, local points of interest such as stores and restaurant, amenities, open houses, view information on the property, and see photos of listing with just a single swipe. Apart from this, you can also customize a 3D map of the homes that you want and save the ones that you like to easily access them on any of your devices. You will need to connect your account to Facebook or sign in through email in order to do that. There is a separate app that you can use to search for apartments and rentals.

Top Cannabis Mobile Apps 2019

Cannabis Mobile App

These days there are thousands of cannabis-related apps available to download and use on smartphones and tablets, no matter what device you may have. Many are of the cheap home-brewed variety and as such are buggy, badly implemented and downright useless. There are, however, an increasing number that are not just well made but also incredibly useful and full of information for all weed enthusiasts out there.

The market for cannabis mobile apps is growing at a rapid pace, if you pardon the pun, and as the seeds of acceptance for the use of legal cannabis are sown, more and more mobile developers and investors are sure to jump on the bandwagon and more apps will hit the marketplace.

But there’s more to cannabis than getting high and part of cannabis’s appeal is the culture that surrounds it. Whether you want to hit a music festival, attend cannabis conventions or partake in some other activity that pairs well with weed, then we believe the cannabis mobile apps below will set you on the right course.


simLeaf, as its name suggests, is kind of a cannabis cultivating simulator app in the vein of other popular “sim” games and as such is a pretty comprehensive growing simulator. It’s extensive settings and variables allow you to choose which strain of cannabis you want to grow, what sort of lamp you want to use to heat the plant, and even what your pH or nutrient regime is, amongst many, many other variables.

The game tasks you with looking after your plant’s needs and if you neglect even one factor in its growth, it’ll die. If, however, you manage to take proper care of it, you will be rewarded with a virtual harvest.

The beauty of this app is that through making the many tweaks and changes to the environment of your plants, you are in essence learning the basics of real-life cannabis growing and as such, you can’t help but begin to understand the factors needed to successfully grow a harvest outside of the app.

The basic app comes with many features but there’s also a vast array of extras that can be purchased for additional fees that allow you to enrich the experience further.

simLeaf can be found on the Apple Appstore for $1.99.


Tokr goes the personalized medicine route and is aimed at helping you figure out and find what you want from your cannabis experience.

What kind of cannabis experience are you looking for? Something energetic or a chilled-out encounter? Vape pen, CBD or something you can eat? Based on your answers, the app will search its vast database of brands and sellers and suggests the type of cannabis product that is right for you.

Tokr is free and can be found on both the Apple Appstore and Google Play


MassRoots has become increasingly popular in recent years and currently has around one million active members. It is an incredibly useful app for creating networks with other cannabis enthusiasts across all different sectors of society. Many dispensaries can be followed on the app similar to how Facebook pages work allowing you to always be up to date with the range of cannabis products available in your area.

The app offers the ability to view cannabis-related news and content local to your area showing cannabis conventions and other places of interest nearby, as well as global news and developments that may be of interest to you. On top of this, it allows users to share pictures, videos, news, and anything else cannabis related with your friends on the app, which MassRoots calls “Buds”, naturally.

Massroots is available on both the Apple Appstore and Android for free.


Weedmaps is currently sitting at number two on the iTunes medical app chart and for good reason. The app is a blend of Google maps, Yelp, and Amazon for dispensaries, delivery services, doctors and brands, giving users a one-stop shop for all their local cannabis needs.

Once opened the app will ask you to share your location. Then, you’ll be shown a list of all the locations near to you where you can purchase cannabis or cannabis-based medicines. The app also provides a search function that can be narrowed down to location, product, brand, as well as a lot more.

On top of this WeedMaps can help you find deals local to you and people nearby to network with. It also offers exclusive content including full-length documentaries and how-to’s.

WeedMaps is available now for free on the Apple Appstore and Google Play.


Cannabis App

Leafly started as an online database of cannabis strains, providing information on flavors, effects, and provenance. It has since grown to be a worthy competitor to Weedmaps. It is perhaps the best-known marijuana app, and just like Weedmaps, is a kind of Yelp for marijuana enthusiasts, allowing them to see reviews of dispensaries and information on strains. It also has a vast news database keeping every cannabis enthusiast up to date with everything weed related across the world including local cannabis conventions or other events that may be taking place in their area.

Leafly has grown to become one of the world’s most famous, well rated and popular cannabis related apps. With millions of active users each day, and a vast amount of information in its databases, you can be almost certain that someone will have something to say about the weed culture in your area, or on the global stage.

Leafly is available for free on the Apple Appstore and Android.

So, there you have it, our list of the best cannabis mobile apps out there. Check them out. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.