5 Factors that make you choose an App

5 Factors that make you choose an App

Whenever we talk something about the mobile apps, it has always been from the users’ perspective. This time we are going to make it look a bit different. This article will prove to be insightful for both app developers and users. Apps are something that all of us depend on, on a day to day basis. A lot of us have been inquisitive about what makes a person download an app. So here we are trying to explore that and give 5 reasons for why you choose to use an app.

5 Factors that make you choose an App

The general cases:

In general circumstances, there are two major situations in which a person opens the play store, one when the person desperately wants an AI to take care of one of his tasks or a friend of his uses that apps and finds that pretty useful. So as a developer, you must develop something that people on a large scale use already so that they will find your app as a great alternative or you must develop something that nobody ever thought that an AI would be able to do. In either of the above cases, your app will have a great following.

Great user interface:

When the app has a user-friendly interface, then it is quite obvious that people always love to have your app pinned to the home screen. Yes, it isn’t a great deal to develop an app with a friendly interface. All you have to do is to make it look simple. But the challenging part is that when you are trying to convince the millions of users that it is user-friendly. What I consider friendly might sound alien to another.


The performance of the app matters a lot. The moment I say the word performance it is always directly proportional to the speed in which the app functions. The higher the speed is, the better the reviews are. Thereby the first thing that app developers should focus on is the quality and the performance of the app.

When a bug doesn’t bug:

Bugs are one main reason why people uninstall the apps. It is not about the initial number of downloads you score. What matters is the number of people who continue to use your app in the long run. Yes, a bug is a common issue, but it is the responsibility of the developer to fix the bug then and there before people can uninstall it. So when an app is free of bugs, people choose it over other apps.


Though every app has its own task to accomplish, some apps work way beyond what is expected out of them. It is like a gift that the user gets to enjoy. This is when the word-of-mouth endorsement happens. There are a lot of apps in the play store that performs the desired task alone. So if an app does something in addition that is when it ranks better.