Best Relationship Advice Apps

Best Relationship Advice

No matter how advanced we get in terms of technology, relationships are always the most beautiful part of our life. Having someone special around makes our life full of happiness. But there are some instances when we need expert advice to solve the broken relationships. Although you might be quite close to your family and friends, there are some moments when getting advice from some other unbiased and legit source is more valuable.

Well, the specially designed relationship advise apps can help you better in this regard. These mobile apps help people to keep their relationship help the therapist in the pocket and get the right advice at just a touch on the screen.

Those who are interested to know about best relationship advice mobile apps are advised to go through the details below:

  1. Mindsail:
    Mindsail is the top-rated platform to learn the best techniques to manage your emotions while dealing with an old relationship. Whether you want to deal with the sleep issues or the anxiety related troubles, Mindsail can help you better. There are multiple mini coaching sessions along with breathing exercises. The Moodboost can also assist you in enhancing your mood to get an extra boost of confidence. This professional relationship help app can be accessed on iOS by paying only $5.99 per month.
  2. RelationUp:
    Once you get access to relationUp web app, simply post the relationship related question on the contact page and the experts on this platform will send you a reply just within 48 hours. This app is already serving millions of users all over the world, and they have achieved great results to boost their emotional stability. This app can help you to develop a strong approach to deal with the ups and downs in relationships. You will be happy to hear that this platform can be accessed for free.
  3. Jyst:
    Many people on this planet are suffering from dating dilemma. They are not able to decode the dating related messages. If you are also suffering from the same issue, the experienced professionals connected on the Jyst platform can help you better. This mobile app can be accessed on the iOS devices, and it can help you get instant responses for all your queries.
  4. BetterHelp:
    Here is another popular e-therapist that can help you to recover from the hardest breakups of life. The great news is that connections on this platform are not just limited to emails; you can also avail instant help from experts via phone calls and even through video calls. You can join this platform by paying only $35 a week, and it works perfectly on Android and iOS platform as well. Get ready to avail desired relationship help from these professionals on the go.
  5. TalkSpace:
    TalkSpace is another amazing solution for your needs. This licensed therapist can serve you on Android and iOS gadgets as well. Most of the people prefer to enjoy audio and video therapy on this app. One can join this mobile app by just paying $32 per week and get the best consultation for the emotional storm in your heart.