The CBD Mobile App

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Everyone wants to keep a tab on their health, and finding just the thing to carry out that task is a blessing.  Like some Weed apps, the CBD allows you to record the effect of cannabis-based products, especially some CBD edibles. While CBD edibles are palatable treats that help you improve wellness, they also give room for the ingestion of … Read More

Hypur Contactless Mobile Payments

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With the massive growth and expansion in the CBD industry, it is becoming more and more impossible for cash transactions to serve the needs of the industry; the CBD industry is set to be worth tens of billions of dollars by the beginning of the next decade. It, therefore, needs a more sustainable and secure means of payments and transactions. … Read More

Mobile Apps for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

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The mobile technology industry makes it easy for businesses to stay engaged with customers, and on top of current events going on in their industry. You could say there are apps for everything, including weed apps for entrepreneurs. If you manage a thriving CBD edibles business or you’re starting from scratch, these apps can help you find information, track sales … Read More

CBD Apps You Can Download Right Now

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The wonders of CBD in American society today are undeniable. However, not everyone has access to the right information that can keep us up to date on the goodies that come with CBD’s consumption and how to get it. One would be surprised at how close one is to a wealth of resources that can make one’s CBD journey run … Read More

Guide To Mobile App Marketing

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Getting your mobile app online to app stores opens up a new way of communicating and interacting between your audience and your brand. However, making the app available to mobile users is just the beginning. Promoting the app is the real challenge. Fortunately, there are several mobile app marketing strategies that can help you. Following are some tips that will … Read More

Best Mobile Apps for CBD

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CBD has come a long way since its discovery. It is all because of its beneficial properties that soothe a lot of people’s pain. Now that the CBD has become popular, the users want to get connected to share information regarding CBD. Also, there are a lot of people who get confused with hemp, marijuana, and THC. Every one of … Read More

Best Lawyer Mobile Apps

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Market these days is greatly influenced by digital technologies. The advent of the internet and mobile has revolutionized our lifestyle. We must say that the 21st century is all about conveniences, and the efficiencies in work can be further improved by using feature-rich apps. Even the attorneys around the world are also making use of mobile apps to ease their … Read More

New CBD App


Keeping track of the CBD products you purchase has now become easier thanks to the New World Health Brands (NWHB) CBD cannabis mobile app. For those who enjoy products infused with CBD, having instant access to one of the more popular providers offers options that go beyond your account. NWHB is certainly not the first company to introduce an app … Read More

New Jersey as the Silicon Valley of Marijuana

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In any industry, when a place is called the “Silicon Valley” it is usually a lofty praise that will ultimately disappoint. However, this may not be the case of New Jersey which is being called the Silicon Valley of Marijuana. Many industry experts are referring to New Jersey as the Silicon Valley for cannabis. Everyone is appreciating the major expansion … Read More

Investors Eye New Jersey Marijuana Businesses

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Marijuana is a substance that is still illegal in New Jersey under the federal law, which means that federally insured, large banks don’t handle cannabis transactions. This may seem discouraging to investors who are looking to invest in NJ marijuana companies and businesses. Even though the cannabis industry presents a $75 billion investment opportunity to investors, cannabis investment is not … Read More