Design Your Own Rug with This Mobile App

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Although there are wide range of sizes and designs available when it comes to rugs, sometimes you want a more unique and personal approach. Some companies accept this challenge and encourage customers to commission a unique piece by exploring their own creativity. They allow the customers to order cheap rugs that are perfectly customized to their personal style. Whether it is working with the company on a completely modified creation or customizing one of the existing designs from the brand, customers nowadays have various options when it comes to rug designs.

The rugs in your home can make a major statement and if you are looking to make a unique statement, then it is highly recommended that you check the SKONNE app. With a few simple swipes, clicks, and zoom, you can create a unique, personalized rug that expresses your personal style and matches your décor. It is one of the best mobile apps that has been designed by SKONNE, a company that aims to deliver modern products that can be easily customized to customer’s specific aesthetic. Rugs are one of the primary products you can customize using the SKONNE app. It is known as Carpet Creator and the app allows you to easily highlight a certain section of their pre-made patterns.

There are several reasons why Carpet Creator is one of the best mobile apps available for creating custom rug designs. One of the primary reasons this app is recommended is its ease of use. To create a custom rug design, simply launch the app, choose one of the pre-made patterns offered by SKONEE, choose the size as well as the shape that you want the carpet to be, then pick a color, all the while being free to drag the background around to choose the certain part of the rug design that you want. Afterward, you can choose a hexagonal, rectangular, or circular shape.

Furthermore, there is also an option to zoom in and out on the image so you can perform additional customization according to your needs. You can easily choose the dimensions and shape to fit your space. After you have customized the design, you can check the preview of your rug. Once you order it, your design will be printed on a full-color carpet that is shipped to you. You will also learn about the price before making the deal final.

So, if you are looking to buy cheap rugs that are customized according to your needs and preferences, then this is the app you should use. With a potential for customizing truly unique yet cheap rugs as well as extensive options, it is no wonder why the Carpet Creator is one of the best mobile apps for rug design customization. This is the app the gives the consumer the power to unleash their own creativity. All in all, from the color and finishing to the shape and dimension, the Carpet Creator is a well-developed app that boasts attention to detail and great UX/UI design.