How do I know what users have responded to my approvals?
When viewing a approval’s details on the right side under “Approvers” each tier has a plus sign that will display the individual responses.

How do I review the comments made about an approval?
The comments made on an approval are located at the bottom of the approval’s details.

How many files can be attached to an approval?
Any number that you want!

Can I control how many people must respond in a tier before continuing to the next approval tier?
Yes, when you create an approval and add more than one user in a tier a slider will appear allow you to select the number of response required to more to the next tier.

Can I add a follow up approval without having to re-enter the approval information?
Yes, simply click on the copy approval option and a new instance will be made using the same settings.

Can I save old approvals?
Yes, you can save old approvals by marking them as archived.

If my approval is sent to users who are not registered what will happen?
Users who receive approvals but are not account holders will still be able to respond.

How many people can be included in each tier?
Up to 100 separate email addresses can be included on each tier.

Can I import my contacts?
We support contact imports from yahoo, gmail and outlook via our outlook plug-in.

How many contacts can I have?
A. Unlimited contacts can be imported.