Mobile Apps for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

weed apps

weed apps

The mobile technology industry makes it easy for businesses to stay engaged with customers, and on top of current events going on in their industry. You could say there are apps for everything, including weed apps for entrepreneurs. If you manage a thriving CBD edibles business or you’re starting from scratch, these apps can help you find information, track sales and inventory, and even manage your financials. Find out how these apps can help you manage your business.

Best in Grow
Best in Grow is an app that is specifically designed for cannabis businesses. Entrepreneurs can use the software for managing a dispensary or for building a new cannabis brand. Build relationships, track your employee schedules, communicate, assign tasks, and more.

SimLeaf is an application for cannabis businesses that offers something different. With this application, businesses can learn about all the growing aspects in a 3D experience. It is a fun application to use because it is set up much like a game where you learn to grow your own virtual plants and gain the skills for running a successful business. It’s a great hand-on learning software. Works for Android, and Iphone/iPad users.

Trym is another software program specifically created for cannabis entrepreneurs. The integrated management software is custom-built for cannabis businesses. This platform can help entrepreneurs manage their businesses more efficiently, consistently, and it may also help streamline their operations. Trym touts itself as the first cannabis farm management software built from the ground up.

Green Entrepreneur
Green Entrepreneur is perfect for large and small business owners, as well as those thinking about starting a cannabis venture. The app offers access to industry information, including podcasts and videos, as well as news, insights, and what’s trending. Topics of interest include starting a business, marketing strategies, raising funds, growing, and success stories from people who out started just like you.

Leafly is a large cannabis website similar to Weedmaps with a lot of information available on a variety of topics. You can learn all about CBD edibles, concentrates, and CBD vape oil. You can also read about the latest research and flavor profiles of your favorite products based on terpenes and cannabinoids. The mobile app allows users to rate and review different strains of cannabis, and cannabis and CBD dispensaries. The “strain explorer” features more than 3,100 cannabis strains with names like 2 Fast 2 Vast, Slurricane, and ’98 Aloha White Widow. Click on the strain to read reviews, find out the effects, and locate a seller. Users can customize their purchase by matching the desired effects with the right strain.

Weedmaps is the largest website for information on the different strains of cannabis, THC percentage, effects, products like CBD edibles, and where to find them. It was originally considered the equivalent of Yelp for weed but grew to be more than just a directory. Click on the “Brands” tab to browse products, their information (THC percentage) and where to buy that product.

Simleaf is similar to another simulation app designed for growing cannabis. If you’re a fan of SimCity you’ll like this app. It follows the same concept as the popular game. It allows you to grow your own virtual weed plant, from seed to flower, in a 3-D environment. Through weed apps like this one, you can learn about growing cycles and everything you need to know about growing cannabis without losing money if your first efforts don’t succeed. It’s a fool-proof way to try your hand at growing – without any financial risk.

MassRoots has an extensive directory of information about local cannabis-related news, cannabis strain type, THC and CBD levels. Find your favorite strain by flavor, effects and more. The app also allows you to share pictures, videos, news, and any cannabis-related news with the community on MassRoots.

GrowBuddy is a powerful mobile app that tracks the development of your plants and processes. Anyone serious about growing cannabis needs this piece of software in their arsenal – it’s a must-have. Learn all the aspects of growing in the “Growers Marketplace.”

2 Non-Growing Apps
These two apps are more for marketing your business and managing your finances. For cannabis entrepreneurs, networking with others in the industry is important and access to important industry information is invaluable to any business owner.

Mint is a financial app that helps you manage your money. Take control of your finances with their budget calculator and planning software. Keep all of your accounts in one place to see your bills and payments, invoices, and more. It is free to use and set up takes only a few minutes. The more accounts you have linked, the more control you have over your financial situation.

Many platforms limit cannabis businesses from advertising or promoting themselves. LinkedIn is one of the few platforms that aren’t as stringent as others. Use the app to find groups and connect with other growers and industry managers for networking and more. This is a great platform for business professionals in all industries. The apps listed here were created to simplify business management processes for cannabis entrepreneurs. Weed apps are so helpful because there are an estimated 3 billion+ smartphone and tablet users worldwide. The demand for mobile applications geared toward the cannabis industry is at an all-time high.