PillPack Accused of Illicitly Obtaining Patient Data

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As per a recent report published in The Wall Street Journal, PillPack, the online pharmacy of Amazon is accused of releasing patient data to third parties.

Surescripts, a company that offers tech to route prescriptions, filed a complaint against PillPack for indiscretion; they revealed this information via a news release.

Amazon has recently entered into the healthcare sector, and it is serving a wide range of customers all over the world. PillPack is popular for offering multiple medications to the customers that are labeled and separated as per time and date. Hence, patients need not worry about remembering dosage and days for their medications; PillPack simplifies the treatment process up to a great extent with special rx discount.

Note that, PillPack makes use of third-party software vendor named as ReMy Health to collect essential medication histories from potential customers. The issue over unauthorized access to patient data is raised by Surescript, and they have referred the case to the Fedeal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

It is worth to know that prescription drug market at present has reached the value of $424 billion. There are many well-established companies that act as gatekeepers to this medical health industry with Rx apps. Hence, newcomers rarely find a way to enter into the competition or to avail access to the essential information from this extensive network.

Hospitals and doctors keep on buying patient data from Surescripts with rx discount. This company is owned by the Express Scripts, CVS Health, National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) and National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS). They are big names in the list of biggest RX benefit holders in the country. Currently, they are serving more than 175 million people with their health care facilities online. It is worth mentioning that consortium also manages a large mail order pharmacy.

Evercore ISI Analyst, Michael Newshel recently revealed that the major competition in the market is due to Amazon trying to enter this industry. The true fact is that the existing big giants don’t want to make it so easy for a newcomer.

Reports reveal that access to Surescript data from PillPack is paramount due to the nature of the business. In order to serve customers with higher accuracy and reliable medicines alternatives; PillPack not just need partial rather full access to prescription information and RX Apps. Such details are important to ensure that the company provides the most suitable medications to the patients; the combinations should not interact in their body to cause some side effect.

Jacquelyn Miller, PillPack Spokeswoman recently said that the main question in this war is that whether Surescripts will provide access to medication history of the customers or not; if they are not interested in doing so, it is important to give a solid reason for that.

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On the other side, Surescript says that they have never allowed any access to patient data to PillPack. The Surescript CEO also mentioned that they had not signed any agreement with PillPack for offering any kind of medical history on RX Apps.

In the meanwhile, ReMy said that probably the company’s decision for this war is financially motivated and they are doing so as a part of rx discount market strategy.