Random Facts About Mobile Apps That Will Amaze You!

Mobile apps are very much versatile, and they take our back all the time. A lot of the tasks that are performed by these mobile apps are quite hard to comprehend and are quite amazing. So here we are trying to tell you some of the random facts about mobile apps that might probably make your jaws drop. So with no further delay let us get to the facts’ list.

A hundred million apps in one go:

We know that a lot of apps kill our boredom, but we didn’t know how far it can go and how much it can impact us. It was recorded that in the year 2015, about a hundred million apps were downloaded from the play store during the summer season alone. A lot of gaming apps are introduced only during the vacation season, and for the same reason, we see all these apps being downloaded in one go.


It’s Android that steals the show:

In case if you are wondering which platform out of the three major operating systems has the most number of apps, then we answer that query. It is the android that takes the lead. Android has more than a million apps in its store, and people only do not know how to use all of it. It superseded all other operating systems and had taken the place quite for itself when it comes to apps and their quality as well.

America takes the first places:

We know it is all about apps, but what it has got to do with America? Yes, in a recent study it was analysed and found that the app development rate is the highest in America and the lowest rate seems to be in the south Asian regions. Kicking aside the app store and taking into account only Android, America seems to outwit the whole world in the Android race.

Now it’s India’s time:

We have already taken a dig at this country by saying that Android sees the slowest development here and now we are going to right the wrong. As far as WhatsApp is concerned, India is said to have the largest number of users. It is expected that more than 70 million users are found in India.

A billion downloads:

In case if you are wondering many people would be roughly using your most favourite app, chances are there that there might be about a billion users along with it. Yes, you read it right. It is believed that most of the popular and most downloaded apps pass a billion mark and most of the best apps are downloaded a billion times here. So next time you are scrolling through some of the best apps in the play store look for the counting.