New Jersey as the Silicon Valley of Marijuana

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In any industry, when a place is called the “Silicon Valley” it is usually a lofty praise that will ultimately disappoint. However, this may not be the case of New Jersey which is being called the Silicon Valley of Marijuana. Many industry experts are referring to New Jersey as the Silicon Valley for cannabis. Everyone is appreciating the major expansion … Read More


nj marijuana dispensary

While the growth of the U.S. marijuana market owes fundamentally to consumer demand, the use of technology in spreading access to it also plays a key part in its success. Entrepreneurs have developed innovative ways of crafting and distributing cannabis products such as cannabis edibles, vapes, etc. by incorporating technology to its processes. With New Jersey on the cusp of … Read More

New Jersey Marijuana

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Marijuana industry is expanding at a rapid rate and more and more states in the U.S. are legalizing cannabis. New Jersey is likely to be the next state to legalize adult-use marijuana as it has been gaining a lot of favor from cannabis experts, producers, entrepreneurs, as well as consumers. However, there are many hurdles in the way to cannabis … Read More