World Without Apps Is Nothing But Catastrophe

In the mid-2017, Apple came up with a video that explained how crucial life would become if we had to exist without apps. They didn’t stop there. They also said that that is one situation that they would call an apocalypse. The video was telecasted only to grab the attention of the public towards the iPhone products. Here we are going to see how the world would be if our smartphone really lost all the apps. Also here we are going to see the major reasons as to why we cannot live without apps.

A world without smartphones if fine:

Given a chance, I would rather choose a world without smartphone over the case of smartphones without apps. This is because your smartphones are nothing more than a piece of trash if there aren’t any fun apps. Of course, it is important to have a bit of fun with your apps but at the same time mobile phones today are the biggest asset that we carry regularly, and this none of us can deny this fact.

Yes, it is difficult:

Even a lot of people who stated that the Apple’s idea of ‘the apocalypse and the world without apps’ is weird, would agree to the fact that apps are very much important to exist in the world today. Our lives are very much associated with mobile phones and main reasons why it happens so, is because of the presence of certain apps in the app store. We make our lives easy by making use of these apps. A smartphone without apps is equal to a beautiful kitchen without ingredients to cook.


The commercial is true in a way:

The Apple commercial that spoke about the destruction of the world and the chaos that abolition of apps can create caused a ruckus in social media. But I would like to contradict here. Today we have become so much dependent on apps that if they were destroyed the world might even end up that way. We almost forgot every single destination, and we always rely on Google maps. This is the reason as to why we stated that the commercial is true in a way.

Apps are versatile:

All we need in the world is a play store and we are good to go anywhere and everywhere. Apps take your back anytime, be it accomplishing a task or curing your boredom. Today apps carry out a lot of tasks even without us noticing any of that. They have become so much automated and customised according to the need and comfort of the user.

Apps are the peak-point of technology:

Apps today are the peak-point of technology. Imagining a world without apps is quite similar to imagining a world without technology. It is because of the growth that technology has seen we get to have so many apps in the world. If it were not for the technology, we wouldn’t have had all these apps. So a world without apps is totally impossible. Read More